May 2010

The next 'Heritage Secrets of the Bush' walk will be held this Sunday, May 23rd, from 10am. The destination will be the area around Sailors Gully where the chinese house site was excavated several years ago. If time permits we will also look at other chinese sites in the vaughan area.

The next meeting of FOMAD will be held at Tutes Cottage on Monday 7th June at 7.30pm. The road works outside Tutes are progressing well due to the fine weather so we should be able to get easy access, at least from the town end. Due to the roadworks and the building of a retaining wall right along the length of the block, the fence will go back on top of it, the only access to the cottage will be through the garden from the town end where there will be a parking area.

I hope you have all had a look at the display in the Market Building, even FOMAD has a modest one, as it is only there until the end of the month.

The Chinese Snapshots booklet made it on time for the beginning of the market display and is available to members at $5.

The website is just about there, just a couple of small things to tidy up and then you will be able to log on to and have a browse. Remember to put it into your favourites and look at it regularly as I will endeavour to keep this News section up-to-date as often as possible.